The Barista, the Laptop and the Dog

jcbeans1What can we learn at the local coffee house? If you frequent the same place often, you begin to see the same faces every time. You will hear their chatter, learn what they drink, and see what brings them there. As you acquaint yourself with the locals, the theme song from “Cheers” begins to ring in your head. The familiarity sets in, and suddenly, the idea of tranquil sipping, working or reading shifts into the clamor of social hour. The solitary figure with a laptop, latte half consumed, engrossed in his work fades into the corner whence he came and is replaced with exchanges of glances, smalltalk and smiles. These interactions become stronger, more frequent and anticipated, so much so, the barista begins to prepare your “usual” at first sight of your arrival.

But why is this relevant? Perhaps it validates us to know of other souls much in the same frame of mind, traveling this rock together with similar goals, or not similar at all, if just to learn from one another.

One brings work, another- art supplies, still another -materials to study. Many bring their dog. There is, however something all bring, ultimately in the end, and that is the beauty of humanity. We share that one thing, and only need to step off the island, and onto the pocket of community, the congregational vortex; the coffee house.


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