Chronicles of an Indie Book Publicist

This is worth a read, folks!

Writerly Rant #21 ~

5 Things Self-Published Authors Need to Stop Immediately

I have been assisting with the marketing and promotion of self-published and indie authors since 2012. I’ve been through the ups and downs with many authors and seen a lot.

That experience allows me (if you indulge me) to rant.

So here it is….

There are quite a few behaviors that authors engage in that set all of us up in the self-publishing industry for failure. Here are five of them.

1.Stop complaining about the industry. Self-publishing is still a developing baby compared to the traditional publishers.

small_4230175179If you don’t know by now, self-publishing has received a pummelling from the press. The Guardian and other sites have grabbed onto the fact that the majority of self-published authors will receive less than $500 total. Many of those will receive…

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